Wine Education & Information

Shortcuts on Wine Revisited

Audio Book by Ed Maciana, 12 sections Approx 3 hrs total; Great info.

A Copyrighted Audio Book written and narrated by Edmond Masciana. It is a profoundly informative three plus hours of all the information on wine and the wine business anyone interested in the topic of wine could want. CD versions can be purchased from Ed Maciana located in California.
Please enjoy the information, I did! -Bob Balentine

  1. Introduction
  2. Wine with Food
  3. Wine's History
Chapter 1
  1. Vines the Key to Quality
  2. Climate: The Catalyst
  3. Heat Zones
Chapter 2
  1. What is Wine?
  2. The Major Types of Wine
Chapter 3
  1. Types and Labeling of Wine?
Chapter 4
  1. Comparing Wines
  2. Vintage Dates
  3. California History
Chapter 5a
  1. The Worlds Wine Regions
Chapter 5b
  1. Wine Regions at a Glance
Chapter 6
  1. Making Wines
  2. Sulfer in Wine
  3. The Acid Test
  4. Wine & Sugar
  5. Wine Aging & Storage
Chapter 7
  1. How to Taste Wine
  2. Establishing a Wine Ranking System
  3. Edmond Maciana Wine Rating System
  4. Types of Tastings
Chapter 8
  1. Wine Service in Restaurants
  2. How to read a Wine Label
  3. Bottles & Corks
  4. Wine Pronunciation
Chapter 9
  1. The Economics
  2. Building a Winery
  3. Planting Grapes
  4. Buying Grapes
  5. Other Possibilities
  1. Further Education

Wine Storage with Steven Spurrier

Short video by Steven Spurrier, Approx 4 mins total; Informative.

Decanter consulting editor: A short video explaining the principles of proper wine storage.

Wine Storage